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Golf Clubs Shipping Service

Neighborhood Parcel Of Lowell MA Announces the addition of Luggage service from Boston Area. Service will allow consumers and businesses to ship their luggage and Golf Clubs worldwide and eliminate airport hassle.

Traveling and playing golf go hand-in-hand. Most golfers refuse to travel with their clubs because of the horror stories from disgruntled passengers. The thought of a lucky or irreplaceable clubs broken to entire sets disappearing into the vortex of unclaimed baggage can drive a golfer to stay to his local courses. So many fear airlines will misdirect their prized sets that they refuse to travel with them unless it’s by car. There are plenty of ways to ship clubs that can keep them safe and ensure they make it to the intended destination.

Best Way to Ship Golf Clubs

Travel Bags

The best golf club travel company is “Club Glove.” The pros swear by it. It sells a burst-proof bag that has a lifetime guarantee. If you’re flying, you need this bag.

Hard Cases

Avoid them if possible. When traveling, you don’t know how your clubs will be moved and shifted with other luggage. Hard cases tend to break easier when mixed with other items. A soft case will absorb blows and be more durable in the long run.

Shipping Service

FedEx has been known to ship anything, especially golf clubs. You don’t even need to put the clubs in a box. If you have a travel bag, you can put the sticker on it or wrap it around the handle with the plastic adhesive packing slip sleeve, and it will deliver it. UPS will do the same.

Boxing Clubs

If you need to ship your clubs in a box, we have the right size box for your golf clubs. Do not try to make your own box from other boxes. Wrap the club heads in newspaper or bubble wrap to insulate them. Evenly weight the box so the distribution is not shifted to one side that would make it top heavy. Fill the rem
aining space with paper. Make sure nothing can move and the contents are secure. Shake it violently to check how it will handle. Tape the box and be sure to cover any openings so water and moisture can’t get in. For more info on shipping and packaging your golf clubs:

Golf Clubs Shipping Company

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  1. Recent comment posted on our blog:
    “I used the service at the Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury and I could not be any happier, I was going on business trip to VA and had so many brochures and luggage for a 2 weeks stay. I shipped my two large suite cases for a bit over $100.00, I traveled with one carry one and I was pleasantly surprised when my two suite cases were waiting for me at the hotel! No hassle at airport, fighting to get the luggage from casseroles, no door man to tip! I am glad I found this location, it was within 10 miles of my house and was worth the trip. The guys there, repackaged my suite cases and shipped them using a ground service that only took 3 days transit time.

    The airlines wanted to charge me $60 for each case, my answer was “I do not think so! ”

    Checkout for more info on their luggage and suit case shipping services.

    Linda Gomez “

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