Luggage Shipping Service In Boston


Luggage Shipping Company

New Luggage Service In Boston Area, Worldwide Service from Logan Airport

Luggage shipping service will save you money when stacked against “comparable” baggage — meaning extremely heavy or oddly sized. The larger sized luggage shipment will contain 95 pounds for about $92 plus the cost of the packaging which ranges from $10 to $18 but speaking in terms of economy, if you’re transporting something that weighs that much, which far exceeds the usual airline limit of 50 pounds, you would probably have thought of mailing it anyway.

Most airlines charge $25 each way to check the first piece of luggage at the airport, and most of the time it arrives when you do. It’s an annoying extra fee. See detailed Airline fees here.ship-my-luggage

Why should you spend time waiting for luggage, moving it thought the parking lot and inside airport? Why do you want torture yourself when you can have your luggage waiting for you at the destination? The cost is not an argument any longer! It cost less to ship your luggage than to pay the airline fees.

Neighborhood Parcel can land you a helping hand at airport and save you some money. We simplify the process but packaging and shipping your luggage worldwide via a wide network of carriers. Neighborhood Parcel offers full service packaging and shipping via all major carriers at fraction of Airline rates! Travel with peace of mind, leave the worrying behind.

They will give you tracking information and estimated arrival of your luggage; all services are backed by their Service promise and offer some of the lowest prices in Boston area. “Shipping your luggage ahead of time is a convenient way to travel these days, we are expanding our services and will soon be offering luggage pick up service within 35 Miles radius of Boston, we understand your luggage transport is important and customers can find the process to be very user friendly and backed by our service promise ” ads Mr Bechat Director Of Operations of Neighborhood Parcel. Call us for details and to make reservations: 978.851.0199


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  1. We ship worldwide, customers are responsible for customs duty and taxes, all luggage will be inspected and x rayed.

    Shipping is cheaper than Airline fees plus the convenience is priceless!

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