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How To Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

How To Avoid Airline Baggage Fees:

The simple Answer is to ship your luggage by ground service! The Neighborhood Parcel Store has launched a new product, which it calls “luggage Shipping” marketed as a service to enable customers to get out of paying airline baggage fees by shipping their possessions ahead of time. The store can safely package your Luggage or Golf Clubs and get them to your destination within 1-5 business days depending on the destination zone. You will be provided tracking numbers so you can see exactly where your luggage is at any given point of time.

Luggage shipping service will save you money when stacked against “comparable” baggage — meaning extremely heavy or oddly sized. The larger sized luggage shipment will contain 95 pounds for about $92 plus the cost of the packaging which ranges from $10 to $18 but speaking in terms of economy, if you’re transporting something that weighs that much, which far exceeds the usual airline limit of 50 pounds, you would probably have thought of mailing it anyway.

Most airlines charge $25 each way to check the first piece of luggage at the airport, and most of the time it arrives when you do. It’s an annoying extra fee. See detailed Airline fees here.

Why should you spend time waiting for luggage, moving it thought the parking lot and inside airport? Why do you want torture yourself when you can have your luggage waiting for you at the destination? The cost is not an argument any longer! It cost less to ship your luggage than to pay the airline fees.

Tips to Pack Lite

There are simple tricks you can use to consolidate your stuff. The key is packing things that are versatile:

  • You can get your younger kids’ stuff into your luggage. Give them a small carry-on of their own if they insist.
  • Bring fleeces instead of sweaters (too bulky)
  • Choose one pair of shoes that can be either for dinner or for casual stuff, and shirts that can do the same.
  • If you think the weather will be changeable, bring clothes that can be layered rather than bringing two wardrobes.
  • Flip-flops can substitute for sandals (same reason)
  • Buy swim trunks that look like shorts (they can double)
  • Jeans are durable, hide dirt, and are increasingly appropriate for many occasions, especially on vacation
  • For beach locations, sarongs double as beach towels and take nearly no space. They don’t have to be absorbent if it’s warm there. (And they’ll dry faster.)
  • Pack black: dark clothes hide dirt, while white shows it faster.
  • If you’re really feeling clever, pack clothes you want to get rid of. Then, as you wear each outfit, discard or donate it. Your suitcase will empty and make room for souvenirs.
  • Portable luggage scales cost less than $15 and can save you from going over weight and paying way more. This is important, because if you buy stuff when you’re traveling, you’ve got no way to know if you’re over or not. It’s not like hotels weigh stuff for you — it’s super easy to get screwed.

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