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How To Ship Luggage & Golf Clubs

  • Book Luggage Pick Up

You can arrange pick up service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . Online booking can provide you a convenient way to get service details and pricing.  To avoid additional pick up fees, you simply prepare your luggage for transit and drop off at our convenient location in Lowell. Our staff will ensure that your luggage is properly packaged and we will provide you with tracking information upon payment.

  • Prepare Luggage For Shipping

This is a critical step where we inspect the packaging, validate delivery address and process the shipment correctly to ensure on-time and safe delivery of your luggage. Please note that Sports equipment does need to be in travel ready packaging. Specifically, bikes need to be in an appropriate bike box or crate, golf bags must be in an airline compatible box or cover and skis must also be in an appropriate ski container or bag. Don’t have the containers or boxes? don’t worry we have you covered with a long list of packaging supplies that fit all your shipping needs.

  • Transit and Delivery

We deliver your luggage | Golf Clubs shipment to your destination safely and on time. It will be there when you get there! You subsequently arrive refreshed from a hassle free travel experience. All domestic deliveries are guaranteed on time. If you scheduled a round-trip shipment, the process is simply reversed. We allow you to prepay for the return shipment. When ready, you replace the labels with the one we provided you at the beginning (they will have your home address as destination) You can drop off at our affiliates or we can arrange for pick up (*)additional fees apply.

Service Advantages:

  • Convenience: No need to arrive at airport 2 hours early, waiting in long lines to check your luggage or waiting for baggage when you reach your destination. We get the luggage to the destination and we do all the work! Your
  • Reliability: We assure that your bags and luggage are there when you get there and we stand behind our service with a money-back guarantee (*) Delivery is available to your hotel, your home or a residential address.
  • Stress Free: Instead of trying to pull and push multiple bags through crowded spaces and stretches of airport terminals, schedule a pickup for door-to-door service. Let us do all the heavy lifting!
  • Cost Savings: You can ship for less using Ground Network or our 2 or 3 Day Air Express. For added convenience, we can ship your luggage for overnight delivery.

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